The Complete Kit - Sensor Positioners/Holders

The Complete Kit - Sensor Positioners/Holders

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Complete your Dream Sensor purchase with a positioner/holder kit that will help you capture the perfect X-ray. Each positioner kit comes with two different positioner systems in one kit. 

The ComfyRay is “stick” style positioner with a vertical and a horizontal side. The “shark fin” bite area is perfect for endo. The ClickRay positioner, on the other hand includes a metal bar that moves freely through the bite block and the ring, so the sensor can be positioned perfectly. We provide both options so that you can see which one works best in your practice. 

The positioner kit also includes a set of bite blocks. These bite blocks were designed to fit the thinness of the Dream Sensor, ensuring a great fit and a great patient experience. The bite blocks are colored according to their size/use case, making it easy to choose the right one.

  • Designed for patient comfort
  • No sharp edges or bulky pieces
  • Easy-to-learn placement
  • Works perfectly with the Dream Sensor
  • No clamping necessary
  • Fully autoclavable